Who are Embuilt Technologies

We are leading manufacturer of Testing Instruments in the field of LED Drivers, SMPS, AC-DC power Converters, AC loads, DC loads and Transformers. these are demanded in all over the world and now a days their area of working is wide. But to provideĀ  good and Quality AC-DC power converter based product testing should be SMART and fast.

We manufactured different types of Digital testing meters with low to high measurement range. Testing for Electrical machines or load like Transformer, Motor and Electronics machines or load like LED driver, LED Bulbs, AC-DC loads with different voltage and current range.

Our testing instruments mostly measure

Voltage, Current, Wattage, Efficiency

Power Factor, Frequency, Apparent Power,

Harmonics (odd up to 55th order),

Transformer Turns Ratio, Deviation, 3 Phase Angle,


Temperature, Humidity,

Bulk production testing and more..

All measuring instruments are shows accurate measured parameters without any delay.

All measured Data saved in internal memory of the testing instruments and operator collect it through USB cable to computer, Pen-drive and Wireless transfer.