DTM-1 is AC-DC Converter testing instrument. It is used to test LED Drivers, SMPS, and AC-DC Power Converters. It measures input and output parameters with Harmonics Measurement. It equipped with special features which makes it useful for R&D and Production testing.
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DTM-1 Catalog

Connection Diagram for AC & DC Channels


AC Parameters :

Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power Factor, Wattage

DC Parameters :

Voltage, Current, Wattage, Efficiency


  1. Voltage and Current THD
  2. Real Time Clock For Data Logging
  3. Big 20X4 LCD Display
  4. Harmonics : Up to 55th Order
  5. Production Testing
  6. Automatic Increase Serial Number
  7. Pass / Fail Facility For saved models
  8. Log on connect in Pen-drive
  9. Big LED Display for Specific Parameters
  10. Internal onboard memory up to 32000 tests
  11. LOC Fail Option: Included or Not included

Main Page – Includes AC-DC parameters which are sufficient for production testing.


AC Parameters Page – Voltage, Current Watt, Frequency, VTHD, ATHD, and NET THD


DC Parameters Page: Voltage, Current, Watt, Efficiency


DTM-1 has internal memory to save Production report without Pen-drive or Computer.

It can store up to 32000 Tests in its internal memory.

Saved data can transfer to pen-drive for backup.  Above page shows to transfer the ONBoard data (Internal Memory) to the pen-drive.

There are Three options as the user can save last un-backup test or previous 1000 Tests or previous 32000 Tests from the ONBoard internal memory to Pen-drive.