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We are leading manufacturer of Testing Instruments for Transformer and LED Drivers. our instruments measure AC-DC parameters like- Voltage, Current, Wattage, Power Factor, Efficiency, Total Harmonics, Temperature, Humidity, Transformer Turns Ratio and more..

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DTM-1         SMART-QC


ATRI-3         ATRI-3F

TLog6          LTEMP-H

DPA-1i         ASC-1

ROOT          EVL-3

tAC4           CPT-2

JT-32           GML-3

PRPT-16      TRM-1A

About us

We are leading manufacturer of Test and Measurement Instruments.

We have team of skilled and qualified people to serve the best products in the market.

All our products are designed and developed indegenously.

Our aim is to provide quality products with great features which will ease the working at workplace.

We take customers feedback seriously and work on them to provide solutions which includes customization of our products.

Our major instruments are used for LED Driver Testing, Energy Management, Transformer Testing and Data Logging.

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